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QSEC Group


Get to know QSEC

We provide environmentally conscious facilities/building management and support services for a variety of sectors.

QSEC Group was formed in response to building owners (whether it be a strata community or commercial property management) seeking quality service with a difference. We are Building Managers that are both proactive and passionate about making a positive difference to buildings and also to people and communities within them.


We understand the importance of total wellbeing; and that honest and clear communication delivers the most innovative, efficient and effective service for the entire lifecycle of every task.


QSEC take an integrated approach to your development by;


• achieving the owners "vision" and in creating a positive community

• ensuring building compliance and safety are maintained

• providing cost-effective options to prolonging the life of your assets

• implementing and upholding strata by-laws

Our Vision

QSEC strives to be recognised as The Facilities Management company that takes genuine care of people, buildings, communities and the environment. Combining sustainable practices with moral and social responsibility to improve lives and care for our planet.

Our Commitment

To create a long-term trustworthy company for our customers and employees by fostering a greater encouragement towards total wellbeing within our diverse community and provide a positive impact to others in need.


Q - uality

Quality customer service by providing efficient, quick, and friendly service to our client whilst building strong relationships with them. We pride ourselves on responding to customers' issues in time and handling any complaints swiftly.


S - afety

Safety has always been an integral part of QSEC, and is a top priority in all activities. We ensure that everyone involved in any activity is safe and secure from any potential harm. Accidents and injuries can occur anytime, anywhere, therefore, we take proper precautions and follow safety guidelines to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved.


E - vironment

​We pledge to always put the community first. That means being leaders in environmental, social and economic sustainability. Our ISO accreditation provides clients with the comfort of knowing they are engaging with an environmentally conscious organisation.


C - ommercial

We have a strong understanding of our business and the wider business environment in which it sits. Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, customer care and knowledge of the market place is centrepiece to our operations. 

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